Song of the Angels

Song: You'll never walk alone

Our Christmas Song
Our latest recording for Christmas... 'The Song of the Angels'

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Our COVID Song
To keep your spirits up in troubled times... 'You'll never walk alone'

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'The Song of the Angels' video used in two Christmas church events

Song of the Angels
St James Church, Acton Trussell
The virtual performance of David's carol 'The Song of the Angels' performed by members of the Brewood Singers was used as the finale piece at a virtual Carol Concert organised by the Acton & Bednall Men's Society and held at St James Church, Acton Trussell on Wednesday 16th December 2020. People were able to watch the excellent concert using a Zoom connection.
St Joseph's Church, Wolverhampton
The same virtual performance of David’s carol 'The Song of the Angels' also contributed to the Christmas Eve Mass at St Joseph’s Church, Wolverhampton. Father Craig asked if he could use it and David agreed. It was used during Holy Communion across the four Churches of the St John Henry Newman Cluster including St Joseph’s and to an online congregation.

 The 'Song of the Angels' video has been viewed to date by over 1400 people. (28.12.2020)

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